Composition A

Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (GNAM), Rome, Italy

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Piet Mondrian, 1923


Imagine "Composition A" as a puzzle made of different colored blocks. Mondrian wanted to create a picture that feels balanced and complete, like a perfectly arranged puzzle. By using only the most basic shapes and colors, he believed he could show the beauty and harmony that can be found in simplicity. It's like organizing your desk or your room in a way that feels just right—everything in its place, nothing extra, and all the colors and shapes working together to create a sense of calm and order.
In summary, "Composition A" is a masterful example of Mondrian's ability to convey deep ideas through simple, abstract elements. It invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of balance, order, and the fundamental components of art.

image of Composition A